Monday, July 16, 2012

softer than

The language of slipstream and bridal veil
slides across some holy threshold,
a breath softer than the Spanish
songs that punctuate my dreams.
The patience of God shivers
in the ordinary shapes of grotto
and fern, dusky and wild
like the mystery
of rain summoned by prayer.
Everything is willing to be itself.
Whose forever can hold
such sweet chaos,
such grace?

©Laura Sorrells 2012
all rights reserved


  1. !
    such sweet chaos,
    such grace

    i am left wondering at the shiver of god's patience.


  2. I don't know why Her patience would shiver, but i think it must sometimes. I am glad y'all like this.

  3. Sometimes of course it's his patience. it just felt like hers to me tonight....


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