Thursday, July 19, 2012


Torn down by longing,
I pass through a state of fitful meanness
and come out
on the other side,
transparent and content with the citrus fizz
of the cold medicine
you pour into a cup for me,
the light of your heart
in the middle of the day
like no bright sun
I’ve seen, a soft beam
that doesn’t burn
but nurtures,
a shine with no sharp edges.
You often play with metaphors
about light
(and other things),
your thoughts returning
to syllables
in strangeness,
telling new stories
inside the hoops
and wriggles of words,
each one a narrative of brightness
delivered with the particulars
of each moment’s unexpectant love
for its hues and angles,
for its curves and disparities.
Not a reconsideration,
but some kind
of birth.

©Laura Sorrells 2007
all rights reserved

I wrote this in 2007 for someone I loved very much.


  1. Nice photo.
    Adore the smell of fresh candles. :)


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