Sunday, March 22, 2015

hidden and emptied

The hidden breath of faith
murmurs a lonely
little prayer
in the unmoving cave
of my emptied
heart. Listen to its silent
passion and
surround its shape
with your radiant
Paschal love.

©Laura Sorrells 2015
all rights reserved


  1. Paschal mystery involves several parts of Jesus leaving the world. You mention a cave from which something essential and personal has risen. As an old gardener, I remember Christ was mistaken, after the stone rolled back, for a workman hoeing weeds, giving directions to those who didn't recognize him. Ampliative process, the enigma was universal.

  2. oh, wow. ampliative. I didn't know that word. several parts---yes, I suppose so. I have often wondered about why he wasn't recognized, so many times. but who knows the mysteries of transfiguration and vision?

    1. Why wasn't he recognized? Who looks at the gardener?

    2. Good point, I suppose. In that situation, I am sure I would have been distracted, too.

  3. Lovely poem and a nice, haunting, photo.


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