Friday, February 17, 2012

a habit of vision

This is a found poem I put together today from John McQuiston's book Always We Begin Again.

Every mystery we seek
carries a ruthlessly patient
habit of vision.
A compass of fire
refines our sacred work.
Something infinite and vast
gently pursues us,
an affinity for praise,
a currency of mercy,
insatiable and healing.

--lks 2/17/2012
©Laura Sorrells
some rights reserved


  1. this is interesting to me, laura,
    an affinity for praise,
    a currency of mercy,

    while i am not christian i can understand why the fall of man seems to make so much sense. we are essentially flawed or unformed and spend our lifetimes seeking healing and wholeness. what is this? it is, i believe, so much more advanced than religion suggests, it is fundamental to our construction as human beings. perhaps this is why it got written into religions. if the poets can recognize it then surely those who wrote religious texts could recognize it, and what were they if not poets with a specific bent? strange. true.


  2. beautiful thoughts, erin. I am so very glad you found my blog. this 'pursuit' i write of is a mysterious and beautiful thing, and i find myself most reluctant to name it. i am just going to trust its quirky intelligent wild heart.

  3. A currency of mercy. I think that phrase strikes me most.

  4. I'm glad you liked it, that it resonated for you.

  5. Beautiful, there is definitely something sacred in the pursuit of poetry.

  6. And in receptivity to it. Thank you.


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