Friday, June 25, 2010

Found Poem #14

The physics of turning
is oblivious to inquiry.
It promises an event
but delivers
only spirit.
Around you,
hands and branches
signal escape.
Nothing makes you full.
An inexorable grace
is keeping you alone,
a penny in rain,
red with the absence
of spending.

--lks June 2010

This is a found poem, constructed from a selection of words gathered from The Illustrated I Ching, translated by R. L. Wing. I enjoy writing these. It's best to find a text that brings together words with what might be called a similar spirit, a common way of evoking and describing.  I built one of these poems from Sheperd's Seed Catalogue this past weekend. Other recent sources have been David Abram's amazing book The Spell of the Sensuous and Barry Lopez's book Home Ground. More to come.


  1. Laura, what do you mean by a "found poem"? How are you interacting with the texts you mention?

  2. I jot down words and phrases, usually just words. sometimes I organize them according to what part of speech they are, but not always. then I pull them together into this kind of thing, here.


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